Followers <3!

So recently been getting a particularly big batch of fan mail and just wanted to say thank you to all of you! A much needed boost for me after a particularly crappy weekend. When the semester is over ( And I am not going crazy in the studio worried about finals.) going to try and make an effort to put more personal touches on this blog and interact on a more personal level. 

And special thanks to the Anon who pointed out my sleep deprived mix up this morning, I never would have caught that so appreciate it haha. No more tumblr before coffee. 


nightmare IIIby Lhianne
You do know freddy Krueger is from A nightmare on elm street not Friday the 13th right?

Ah yeah thanks for catching that I scheduled today’s posts like 2 minutes after I woke up and was still mostly asleep haha. Will fix that right away.


Wylona HayashiIf only i could shoot outdoors here sighs


Wylona Hayashi
If only i could shoot outdoors here sighs